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Soundbaths in Botley, Hampshire

What is a soundbath?

A soundbath is an arrangement of instruments played in a way to induce a near-sleep state which many people find relaxing. Whether you're looking for a new experience or just want to chill out and let the sound wash over you, I want to show you how sound can help you find that inner space and beauty inside all of us.

Me at the start of a soundbath

Sound events in South Hampshire.

Xmas Gong Bath.jpeg

I have a regular monthly soundbath at The Botley Centre, Botley, during the evening of the first Saturday of the month.


This is a 75 minute event of sounds, mindfulness and reflection. 

7.45 - 9.00pm



Bring along someone you care about - your partner, a friend, a family member - and indulge in some time together to nurture one another in this unique workshop run in collaboration with Stacey Steele Yoga.

Practice Partner Yoga, Indulge in Breathwork & Meditation,

Explore Sound Massage Techniques, Treat Each Other to a Gong Meditation, Enjoy a Sound Relaxation.

Light Refreshments Included.

Sunday 18th February 2.00 - 4.30pm

The Yoga Shed, Wickham

£64 per ticket for two people

White and Green Poster.png


17th Feb  - Join Rob for the day at the treehouses near Beaulieu as he helps you explore a different kind of retreat. Learn how you can interact with your nervous system using yoga, hot & cold experiences, joining me at the end of the day with a soundbath to remember, several feet up in a treehouse.

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