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What is a soundbath?

A soundbath is an arrangement of instruments played in a way to induce a near-sleep state which many people find relaxing. Whether you're looking for a new experience or just want to chill out and let the sound wash over you, I want to show you how sound can help you find that inner space and beauty inside all of us.



Sound events in South Hampshire.

Image by Aleksandar Cvetanovic

Monthly Soundbath

I have a regular monthly soundbath at The Botley Centre, Botley, usually on the first Saturday of the month. This is a 75 minute event of sounds, mindfulness and reflection. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Yoga flow & Soundbath

Join Stacey for 45 minutes of delicious flowing yoga sequences followed by 45 minutes of sounds and reflections with me. There are just 3 of these events in 2023, all in the wonderfully quiet but accessible village of Durley.

Image by Matt Howard

Yoga Soundscape

As far as we know this is a totally unique event. Join Stacey and I as we take you on a journey through yoga poses while a selection of instruments are played to induce a near-sleep state. Then let go and surrender to rest during a soundbath afterwards. All rounded off with tea or bubbles. There are just 3 of these events in Wickham in 2023.

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