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Inspiration/ Aspiration Meditation

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

We all need to reset from time to time. We have certain things in life we want to do and then maybe we burn out from doing too much at once or shit happens and it sends us off balance. Maybe, it's just that at certain times of the year, whether it's January as it is when I write this or later in the year, we just want to stop and find direction; to check that we are on the right course or that we are focusing on the right tasks, then this one is for you.

Divine inspiration is not something that happens as easily as looking something up on Google. Inspiration or Aspiration are things that usually need us to be totally relaxed first, so it's worth just taking 3-5 minutes first following the subsequent steps. Take your time. Make sure you complete each step fully before continuing. If you have any overwhelming negative emotions or images beforehand, then please speak to someone you know and trust or someone independent such as The Samaritans (

If it's possible to take yourself away to somewhere quiet, then do so. Find somewhere where you have some space, some stillness, preferably sitting. Maybe it's outside on a bench, in a quiet room in your house or flat or you could be parked up in your car. Wherever it is, first notice your environment with your eyes; what can you see?

Notice what you can hear; as though it's a soundtrack, and you're just casually observing it. Notice how many different sounds there are.

Notice your legs and feet. Feel yourself rooted to where you are; the weight of the world supporting you, lifting you up.

Notice the space between your fingers. What temperature is the air in this space? Flex your fingers; sense that feeling of strength and control in your hands.

Straighten your spine, as though a golden thread is pulling your head upwards. Chin down. Move your jaw from side to side. Which side of your mouth is your tongue? Let the corners of your mouth rise up to your cheeks and notice the sensation in your face as your muscles move with this motion.

Take a deep breath in and let it out with a sigh.

Once more, but this time, deeper, from your heart and with a "Ha" sound. Feel that shit let go. :)

Then think to yourself;

"In my heart, what makes me happy is..."

If you don't get an answer, then you might just need more time. It usually takes 15 minutes for your brain to rebalance sodium and potassium levels within your brain for mental fatigue to subside so if you can come up with something in less time, you are smashing it out of the park!

Notice your feet and feel the ground supporting you. Feel your feet root down and send out roots; you are connected to the Earth; the whole world is beneath you, supporting you. Now notice your hands, your spine, your face as before. Take 2 or 3 more deep breaths, until you can feel yourself empty of anything you feel holding you back; breathe out like you're casting it out of your body, the space you're in, the town, the country, out into the clouds until it disappears. Now breathe in that fresh, cool air. When you are ready, think to yourself;

"In my heart, what really matters most to me is..."

It doesn't have to be a big thing; it could simply be to learn and practice 1 breathing exercise once a day for 5 minutes. It could be to repeat this same exercise tomorrow. Whatever it is, hold onto that feeling of it making you happy. Imagine where you are and what you're doing when you're doing whatever it is.

You don't have to have all the answers now. All you need is an intention, an aspiration. It's like a seed and to water it, you just need to think about doing it and over time, believe that the seed will grow and that aspiration will become your reality.

Good luck.

Om Shanti.


If you need any other support, then here are a couple of links.

For a soundtrack to help you with this exercise: SOUNDTRACK


Although I have undergone training as a Sound Therapist and as a children's yoga instructor, I am not a trained medical professional. Everything I do comes from my own experiences with PTSD, ADHD and ASD, my own research and years of being an alphabet soup of shit. If you need further help, please reach out to a trained medical professional. Advice on these pages is purely meant to give a little bit of goodness back into the world.

If you feel broken; you are not, you are being made better. :)

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