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  • Andy Steele

Supporting NHS workers

Less than 3 years ago we were standing on our doorsteps clapping for the NHS. I know we were also clapping for other keyworkers like our teachers, our police, our posties and generally everyone who was keeping the country going but the NHS was the reason we first got outside and beat our pans and clapped and cheered.

We're a small business who have been providing soundbaths since the start of last year and seen our costs rise like everyone else. We have a very small amount of people that even know we exist so I can't afford to offer a discount to every keyworker right now, but it's impossible for me to not do something, however little, to help those who helped us, who nursed us when we were sick and who risked their lives and still do every day.

I don't want to get drawn into the politics of the strikes; I just want to say Thank You. And as my way of saying thank you, if you are an NHS worker and you'd like to attend an event, please contact me using my "Contact Me" button at the top of this page and I will provide you with a unique discount for all future PaintingSounds events.

Thank you.

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